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Whether you:

  • are new to Core Maths and struggling to find resources…
  • are not confident on teaching the content…
  • have lost teaching time to isolating students…
  • have students that are struggling with their understanding due to a shortened Year 11 experience…

…we’re here to help.

Our online Core Maths course has been developed further over the last term, with exemplar schemes of work, resources for you to use in the classroom with your students, and additional sets of questions and solutions. Perhaps even more valuable, however, are interactive study packages which students can work independently on, which are ideal to use whilst they are isolating at home. There are also a number of tests that you can set for students and then monitor their progress.

In order to gain access to these Core Maths courses, your school or college needs to be registered with the AMSP to receive its free Integral log in. If you are already registered and require access, please email the Integral team to request it.

In addition to the Integral course, our Core Maths padlets continue to be updated with rich teaching ideas, resources, and information. These include Getting Started with Core Maths and Desmos activities for L3 Core Maths amongst others. If you’re interested in learning the ropes with using Desmos activities, you can find more information on the MEI website.

As always, if you need help with your teaching of Core Maths, whether it’s understanding the topics or developing your delivery, there are a number of professional development opportunities available to you. Our Live Online Professional Development (LOPD) course, Core Maths Common Topics, can help you with your subject knowledge, whereas our On Demand Professional Development (ODPD) Core Maths Top-ups are a more selective approach towards learning about a topic area. Our Core Maths Festival is an enriching experience for teachers, whereas our Core Maths Support Groups allow you to seek help and advice on anything that you wish to talk about. Finally, if you’re looking for a more local touch then you can still register for the remaining sessions in the Developing Core Maths Pedagogy Work Group, which allows you to engage in best practise whilst working with other Core Maths teachers across the West Midlands region.

By Tom Carpenter

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