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Cambridge hosted one of the last Core Maths Winter Conferences this year.

We were really fortunate to have Keith Proffitt and Tom Rainbow leading the event which was broken into two parts:

  • In the morning, we looked at analysing and estimating the wealth of nations and comparing, speculating and analysing the working hours and salaries of nurses, police officers and teachers alongside job satisfaction ratings, with some very interesting discussions.
  • In the afternoon, Tom provided useful advice on pre-release materials and how to use them with students. The conclusion to the afternoon was a keynote lecture from Eric Harrison of City University of London who gave us a view of Q-step (using quantitative methods within social sciences), and some lively discussion followed on the overlap with Core Maths.

If you missed out on attending our Core Maths Conferences this winter, there are two local workshops planned in the East of England region which you may wish to attend. The agenda for both events include:

  • watching Core Maths lesson in action
  • discussion about resources
  • planning lessons using interesting ideas
  • discussion about pre-release materials.

The dates of the Core Maths Teaching Workshops are:

The AMSP offers a variety of support to help you with the delivery of Core Maths, such as Workgroups, Live Online Professional Development (including Core Maths Pre-Release Webinars), Key Stage 5 Coordinator Development, and On Demand Professional Development for self-paced study. Please check details of our support on the AMSP website.

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