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We are pleased to announce our Core Maths Summer Conferences 2023 is open for bookings! 

This free and engaging one-day professional development conference is suitable for all current and aspiring teachers of Core Maths. The conference will focus on the planning, teaching, and learning of the subject. You will have the opportunity to network with teachers from other schools and colleges and you are encouraged to share resources and ideas. There will also be a chance to explore our free online Core Maths Platform. 

Some of the content at this year’s event: 

Set aside your calculators and explore the skills of ‘back-of-an-envelope’ thinking with Rob Eastaway. Together we will tackle Fermi estimation problems and share tips on how best to support your students with this essential life skill.  

In a world of fake news, it is important to be able to think critically about the information we receive on a daily basis. Mark Dawes explores why critical analysis is so hard to teach and what we can do to help our students with it. 

You will also have the opportunity to gain valuable insight into which topics have appeared in exams from 2016-2020 and how students have fared, where they have been most challenged and how best to prepare your students for future assessments.

Please note that the content of this day is a repeat of our Birmingham conference in 2022 and our London conference in January 2023. If you attended either of these events you may be interested in our online Core Maths Summer Festival 2023.  

This conference is free of charge but priority will be given to teachers from state-funded schools and colleges. Schools and colleges located within a Priority Area are eligible to receive a further subsidy of £200 to support staff cover and travel costs. Please visit our subsidies page for more information. 

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