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Ria Symonds, AC for Nottingham and Nottinghamshire

On 21 June, approximately 180 students and their teachers embarked on a full day of maths at the University of Nottingham for our annual Core Maths Conference. This is the second year this event has run after popular demand from its first run through in 2018.

This time the event featured seven engaging workshops from employers from around the East Midlands. Each workshop was designed to showcase how maths is used in “work, life and study” and to promote the Core Maths qualification as a pathway into these careers. Presenters came from a range of industries including Finance (Capital One), Engineering (Rolls Royce), Data Analysis (Mars), Nursing, Construction and Psychology.

The varied programme of the day was designed to be both entertaining and informative, and every session appeared as either the favourite or most useful somewhere in the feedback. Students were very engaged with all aspects of the workshops and gave some great feedback:

  • “It was exciting and interesting. It showed me the range of jobs where maths is useful.”
  • “I thought the sessions were fun and educational. It helped me understand Core Maths more.”

Keep a look out on the AMSP events page for similar events coming up.

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