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If you’re a teacher of Core Maths, regardless of your level of experience, you can now register for our 2022/23 Core Maths Specification Networks. The first session will take place in October.

Our Core Maths Specification Networks enable you to discuss and share your experiences with Core Maths and develop your teaching practice with those following the same specification as you. We’re running several rounds of these networks over the 2022/23 academic year, with separate networks running for all Core Maths syllabuses. The networks running this year are:

  • AQA 2A: Statistical Techniques
  • AQA 2B: Critical Path and Risk Analysis
  • AQA 2C: Graphical Techniques
  • OCR A and B: This operates as one network.
  • Edexcel: Mathematics in Context

Each Core Maths Specification Network will meet four times over the academic year and, once you’ve signed up for your specification’s network, we’ll let you know in advance of the next session.

Our Core Maths Specification Networks are free to attend for all teachers working in a state-funded school or college. Please note that these networks are limited in size and places are issued on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

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