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Nobody can say that the last eleven months in KS5 teaching haven’t been unique. We’ve spent a third of the time in lockdown with educating being done remotely, a third of the time preparing for and evidencing teacher assessed grades, and a third of the time desperately trying to cover as much content with students as is humanly possible.

In many ways, Core Maths has been the most challenging of the level 3 maths qualifications, particularly if you’re someone taking part in a one year course. Designed to promote problem solving and mathematical modelling in real world contexts, Core Maths has been difficult to deliver online when it’s beneficial to work in a team environment. Topics like estimation, critical and risk analysis, and statistical interpretation involve skills that students don’t necessary develop at GCSE, and the reduced contact time has added an extra layer of challenge for students and teachers alike. Despite this, perseverance has meant that many were able to get through a large proportion of the course and respond to assessment admirably.

With that being said, it has meant that teachers finding time to engage in professional development has been a rarity. A number of online courses and events have been available for attendance this year, but understandably this hasn’t been a priority even if there has been a wanting for such training. But, fear not, the AMSP will putting on plenty of opportunities next academic year.

Our Live Online Professional Development courses Core Maths common topics and Core Maths foundations will both run next year help you with your understanding of the content of the courses. Our Core Maths Specification Networks provide you with the opportunity to talk to other teachers of Core Maths and to receive advice from Core Maths ‘experts’. Our Core Maths Festival provides a series of engaging one-off sessions on Core Maths related ideas, and our Getting Started with Core Maths Webinar supports schools who are just getting going with the course. We also offer an On Demand Professional Development course, Core Maths top-ups to watch at your leisure. Finally, working in partnership with the AMSP, the Maths Hubs are putting on two different Work Groups next year: Developing Core Maths Pedagogy and New to teaching Core Maths. You can view more information on all of these professional development opportunities on the AMSP website.

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