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Alexandra Hewitt, AC for Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire

The Oxfordshire Mathematics Community is an independent network of enthusiastic mathematics teachers. With support from the Oxford University Department of Education and from the AMSP, we organise lots of events to support teachers across Oxfordshire. ‘Coffee and Pi‘ is our regular half-termly network meeting – including, as you’d expect, coffee and, well, cakes rather than pi(e) – and we have plenty of plans for next year to inspire your teaching.

11-16 sessions include Ratio and Proportion and Solving Equations at Key Stage 3. We are also planning a re-run of Chris Kirkham’s excellent ‘From Cradle to Rave’, looking at the progression of key topics from Reception to A level Further Mathematics. Specifically for sixth form teachers, we will be launching two level 3 Work Groups with the BBO Maths Hub on A level Pedagogy and Core Maths, as well as running specific meetings for A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics.

The Oxfordshire Mathematics Community is run by teachers for teachers, so if you want to suggest ideas just get in touch with the network organiser, Lesley Swarbrick

The AMSP supports teacher networks across the region with opportunities to share ideas, find out about the latest developments and access professional development. Find your nearest network on the AMSP networks page

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