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Bookings are still open for our Subject Knowledge Live (SKL) courses (formerly known as Live Online Professional Development), with the next round of courses starting in April. Our SKL courses enable you to take part in professional development from your choice of location and without having to take whole days away from school or college.

We run a range of SKL courses, which all consist of approximately weekly live online sessions up to 90 minutes in length. You’ll also receive access to course-specific teaching and learning resources on Integral and one year’s access to resources and recordings of the live sessions.

We will be running courses for teachers of GCSE Mathematics, AS and A level Mathematics, and/or Core Maths. The following courses are now open for applications:

AS Maths: Pure Absolute Beginners22 April & 26 April
A level Maths: Pure (Year 2)22 April & 25 April
AS Maths: Pure Improvers10 June
Higher GCSE topics through mathematical thinking22 April & 4 May
AS and A level Maths: Mechanics26 April & 9 May
AS and A level Maths: Statistics3 May
Core Maths common topics6 May

All teachers are eligible for our SKL courses, however, free places are available only to teachers in state-funded schools, colleges and academies in England. Applications for free places will be checked to verify eligibility. The course fees can be found on the individual course pages.

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