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The AMSP will continue its support of Core Maths during the 2020/21 academic year by providing support and professional development for new, experienced, and aspiring teachers of Core Maths.

For schools and colleges that don’t yet offer Core Maths but would like to, teachers and/or members of the SLT would benefit from attending our Getting Started with Core Maths webinar. This will compare the different Level 3 Core Maths qualifications available, and suggest how to start offering Core Maths and how to promote it to students. It will explain where to find some great resources, including our free online Core Maths platform, and the further support that can be accessed through the AMSP. We are running this webinar three times – in November, February and April – so participants can choose the date that suits them best.

The AMSP is also offering a new opportunity for those who are currently teaching Core Maths. Our Core Maths Online Support Groups will meet once every half-term, starting in October. They’ll provide the chance to meet with other Core Maths teachers to share your experiences and to develop your practice. Discussions will be led by the participating teachers, and sharing, discussion and collaboration will be encouraged. This means that microphones are essential and we also strongly suggest that you share your webcam too. We are running separate support groups for each Core Maths course, three groups for those who are new to Core Maths, and also one for teachers based in FE colleges. These groups are free to attend.

Those who are new to teaching Core Maths and who are looking to develop their subject knowledge would benefit from Core Maths common topics – one of our Live Online Professional Development (LOPD) courses. The content is delivered in an online classroom over eight weeks, and will explore key topics common to all Core Maths specifications. Core Maths common topics starts at the end of September, and will run for eight sessions. This course is free of charge to teachers working in state-funded schools, colleges and academies in England, otherwise the fee is £195.

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