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John Heffernan, AC for Kent and Medway

What has changed in Kent?

The AMSP has recently decided to unite Kent and London under a new region called London and South East. For more information about your local area, explore the regional pages on the AMSP website. In addition to this, John Heffernan has joined the team as Area Coordinator for Kent and Medway.

What has stayed the same?

The AMSP is continuing to provide high quality support for teachers and the enrichment opportunities for students. Much is planned for the coming months and I can only give you a brief flavour of this here.

Local opportunities for receiving teaching support include:

You also get your students involved with the following enrichment opportunities:

  • Heats for the Senior Team Mathematics Challenge (STMC) are taking place in both Chatham and Canterbury
  • 10 STEP problem-solving workshops are taking place at the University of Kent, roughly fortnightly from 17 November 2018
  • Year 10 Maths Feast will return in the new year, with events in Maidstone (28 February), Rainham (12 March) and Canterbury (13 March)
  • Looking further forward, a Year 11 Challenge Day will take place at the University of Kent on 4 May 2019, to help prepare grade 6 and 7 students for GCSE examination

Even more events for both teachers and students are still being planned for Kent. Register your school with the AMSP and elect to stay informed to receive regular updates from us.

Please contact John Heffernan if you have any specific requests for professional development or student enrichment activities.

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