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Is it really worth getting out all the equipment? Will the students actually learn anything? Won’t it take loads of time?

To those questions, I’d say that using practical and modelling activities in both mechanics and statistics can be done with minimal equipment or even using videos. I strongly believe that putting maths in context promotes discussion and understanding, as well as being fun and engaging.

This summer, we’re able to offer face-to-face professional development that will provide you with simple practical and problem-solving ideas that can be used with students studying mechanics and statistics as part of A level Mathematics, as well as a range of concept questions for promoting discussion and testing your students’ understanding. All of the ideas used will be ones that you can take away and replicate with a minimum of equipment and resources. All delegates will be encouraged to carry out a range of activities.

We’re holding two sessions at the University of Manchester this summer – Practical Mechanics PD and Practical Statistics PD – and we’d love for you to join us!

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