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We have now opened applications for the spring/summer cohorts of our highly popular extended professional development courses. Previously known as sustained courses, these last for several months and represent our most comprehensive form of professional development. All these courses include regular online sessions to enhance subject knowledge, plus two in-person study days to explore teaching ideas. Participating teachers will have access to dedicated course resources and get the chance to work with like-minded colleagues.

Teaching Statistics 1 (TS1) and Teaching Mechanics 1 (TM1) provide support for the applied content in A level Mathematics. TS1 begins in March, with a choice of study days in Birmingham or London, while TM1 begins in January, with days in Leeds or London.

For teachers who have either previously completed these courses or already have relevant experience, we are also offering Teaching Statistics 2 (TS2) and Teaching Mechanics 2 (TM2), which cover the applied content in A level Further Mathematics. Both these courses begin in early February and include study days in London.

Teachers of the pure content in A level Further Mathematics might be interested in Teaching Further Mathematics 1 (TFM1), which starts in January with study days in London. If you have already completed TFM1, you are invited to apply for TFM2, which starts in March and has study days in London or at the University of Warwick (Coventry).

Finally, part two of our Teaching Discrete Mathematics course, TD2, starts in February, with study days at the University of Warwick (Coventry). Teachers do not need to have completed TD1 to apply.

These courses are free for teachers working in state-funded schools and colleges in England. Subsidies to help towards supply cover and travel costs are available to schools and colleges in targeted areas. You can view further details on our entire suite of extended courses on our website.

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