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From Monday 12-Friday 16 July 2021, we’re holding our first ever World of Work week, which will feature free enrichment activities for students, teachers, Career Leaders, and parents that focus on the importance of mathematical skills in the workplace. Activities that will be available include:

  • Daily online Which Career? enrichment events that can be beamed into classrooms
  • Authentic contextualised resources for use in the classroom that link the maths curriculum to careers
  • How maths can save the world panel event, jointly hosted with Maths4Girls outside of schools hours so that both students and their parents can join in

In our Which Career? – Meet people working in different roles panel events, you’ll get to hear from employees from a wide variety of jobs about how they got into their roles, what it’s actually like to be at work, and how the maths skills that they’ve developed help them day-to-day. They’ll offer plenty of advice and encouragement for students to continue with maths!

Showcasing how the maths that students study is used in specific careers is the aim of our Which Career? – How maths is used in different roles events. By taking part in these events, students can choose the careers that they’re most interested in for the presenters to introduce, and then have a go themselves at some maths that’s needed for that career.

Teachers can sign up classes or whole year groups to take part in the Which Career? enrichment events that will take place at different times throughout the school day. Each event lasts for 40-45 minutes to hopefully fit within a lesson. Why not ask your Careers Lead to organise your school’s involvement?

Don’t worry if those events don’t fit into your timetable – your students don’t have to miss out! On Monday 12 July 2021 from 5:30–6:10pm, the AMSP and Maths4Girls are jointly hosting How maths can save the world, a online panel event that students can get involved in from the comfort of their own home. Teachers and parents are welcome too! This is another great opportunity for students to find out what maths options they have after GCSE.

How about something just for teachers? If you’d like to discover more about how maths can be creative and gain techniques that you could use to engage your arty students in maths, you can join Catherine Madden, Information Designer and Visual Story Strategist, at an online session at our Core Maths Summer Festival on Tuesday 13 July 2021. Our Core Maths Summer Festival is running over June and July and many of the sessions will provide inspiration from well-known speakers and practical ways of linking the maths curriculum to careers. Specific sessions that you may find useful are The Great Gatsby, Find The Fraud, Catch The Con, Stop The Scam, The Maths of Crowds, and Data Science Short Course for Core Maths students.

Alongside all of these exciting events, you’ll also find videos and activities to use in class on the AMSP website. You can use these at any time! The activities all contain contextualised teaching points linked to careers and will help teachers to achieve Gatsby Benchmark 4 (linking careers to the curriculum). Some of the activities are written by employers and so are particularly authentic.

We do hope you will join us for our World of Work week! If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected].

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