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As well as running teacher events and student enrichment for schools in Priority Areas, we also provide lots of free resources on our website that will enhance the student experience over the summer term.

  • Dig deeper – Resources: A range of great resources to promote the utility of maths.
  • Where maths meets… the world of work!: Videos that could be used by students independently, or for promoting maths at a careers or parent event.
  • Where’s the Maths in that?: Resources that could be used as starters in maths lessons or a tutor group. Could be structured as, “write down anything you notice” – not just the maths. You could introduce this activity across the year group, perhaps in an assembly, or deliver it to your own groups.
  • Posters and postcards for Core Maths, A level and careers: Posters would look good on a wall in a corridor, or could be passed on to other departments. Postcards would be useful for parents’ evenings for other subjects’ stalls.
  • Financial Skills: Resource that can be used for Year 10 and above by maths or Core Maths teachers, a careers team, or tutors. Could promote discussions at home, or be used in lessons, as part of a careers enrichment day, or in tutor time for Year 9-13.
  • Transition to A level Mathematics resources: Essential Skills: Many students say that they find the initial transition from GCSE challenging. These resources focus on key skills that will be used across the whole spectrum of AS and A level Mathematics.
  • Senior Team Maths Challenge (STMC) materials: The materials that would have been used in this year’s competition are now available to download for free from the UKMT website and can be used to challenge your KS4/5 students.
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