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One of this year’s national projects for the Maths Hubs is to develop A level Mathematics pedagogy. Within the West Midlands region, the Central Maths Hub, SHaW Hub, Origin HubNorth Mids Hub and GLOW Hub have successfully launched their pedagogy Work Groups. Some of these have already had their first meeting, and some will start in January or February 2021. If you’re interested in joining, you would be very welcome. Following any of the above links will take you to the registration forms.

You can view all of the professional development that the AMSP is currently offering for teachers of AS/A level Mathematics on the AMSP website. We also created these professional development videos at the start of the current specification that you may find useful. The videos show how the overarching themes and technology can be incorporated into A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics lessons.

You may also find our AS/A level Mathematics resources useful. You’ll find a full range of resources from those designed to be used as promotional material in school to attract students to post-16 courses, to ideas for schemes of work and actual resources to use in lessons whether they be face-to-face or within a more blended learning experience. We also offer resources for students who are self-studying AS/A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics to help further their skills.

By Jill Machin

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