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Girls from across Sussex (and even London) celebrated the opening of the reimagined Temple building at Brighton Girl’s School with an AMSP Maths Picnic. This was the first Maths Picnic that I’ve hosted in Sussex, which makes the event a ‘double new’!

We felt privileged that the AMSP were the first to be invited to use this beautiful new space and the girls all participated with enthusiasm which was mirrored by the light, airy room and delightful snacks.

The AMSP’s Maths Picnic is a Year 9 competition, very similar to our popular Maths Feast that many Year 10 students enjoy each year. Several teams scored full marks in the first round, and the competition was close. Our winners were Roedean School, Chichester High School, Putney High School, and Oathall Community College. We extend our congratulations to them once again.

While students were solving the problems, there were relaxed conversations between staff, and plans were being laid to run more events at Brighton Girls School and more Maths Picnics and other enrichment events across Sussex. Keep an eye on our South regional events page for further events!

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