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The AMSP wishes to congratulate students today on achieving their qualifications in Core Maths, AS and A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics. We’d also like to pass on our thanks to all their mathematics teachers for their hard work in teaching and supporting the students over the last two years, helping them to achieve success. Their maths qualifications will undoubtedly help these young people in their next steps in employment or education.   

It is very pleasing to see that entries for Core Maths increased for the seventh year in a row, up from 12,311 to 12,367. A level Mathematics is still the most popular A level, with 89,855 entries in England in 2023, an increase compared to last year of 1.7%. Entries for A level Further Mathematics were down very slightly from 14,284 to 14,279. However, AS Further Mathematics entries increased by 26.4% to 4,544. 

The AMSP aims to increase participation in these Level 3 maths qualifications through a combination of enrichment and promotion of mathematics, tuition support and teacher profession development. The AMSP also aims to improve the gender balance of students studying mathematics. In 2023, the proportion of students entered for A level Mathematics, who were female, stayed at 37.4%, and for Further Mathematics, the proportion decreased slightly to 28.0%. Data on gender for entries for Core Maths is not yet available. 

Kevin Lord, Programme Leader for the AMSP, commented: 

“All students should be proud of their achievements this year. It has been a difficult few years for schools and colleges in England, so it is excellent news that so many young people gained a Level 3 maths qualification. I wish them all the very best for their next steps. 

The continued popularity of Level 3 maths courses with students, and capacity for schools/colleges to provide courses is very encouraging. However, there is potential for many more students to study mathematics post-16. The AMSP will continue to provide support for schools and colleges to help them improve their provision for Level 3 maths and increase participation.” 

The AMSP has published analysis of the AS and A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics entries for England on its website, and you can find a summary of Core Maths entries on the MEI website. 

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