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It is excellent news that the number of students completing Level 3 mathematics courses in England increased for a second year in succession.

Entries for Core Maths increased for the fifth year in a row, up by 3% to just over 12,000 compared with last year. Entries for A level Mathematics increased by 3% to over 90,000, and for A level Further Mathematics the increase was 5% to just under 15,000. These increases are very encouraging and participation in Level 3 maths remains high.

The AMSP works with schools and colleges in England to help them improve their provision for Level 3 maths and increase participation, with a particular focus on improving the gender balance.

Kevin Lord, Programme Leader for the AMSP, commented:

Well done to all students and their teachers on the successful completion of their A levels and Level 3 examinations this summer. Everyone should be proud of their achievements this year, especially taking into consideration the difficult circumstances that many students have had to deal with.

It is very pleasing to see that the numbers of young people achieving Core Maths, A level Mathematics and A level Further Mathematics qualifications continues to grow. Students who have studied these courses will be well prepared mathematically for further study and their future careers.

MEI has published analysis of the Core Maths and AS and A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics entries for the UK.

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