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For some students, preparation for university admission tests has been a major part of their mathematics this term. A number have mentioned the book, STEP, MAT, TMUA: Skills for success in University Admissions Tests for Mathematics By Phil Chaffé, David Bedford, Tim Honeywill and Richard Lissaman, as particularly useful for them and also for work on Sixth Term Entrance Papers. I have been browsing through problems and see what they mean. The book is laid out with background information, guidance on developing problem solving skills, carefully chosen questions in sections, and links to solutions that review the key decisions. It is written in an accessible and engaging way which is likely to appeal to students right from the start of their A level courses.

The book is available in printed or eBook form and we’d recommend it as an item that you suggest for your library or sixth form bookshelf. This is a very simple way to support your Year 12 students with an interest in university admission tests or your Year 13 students with possible STEP requirements.

Please see the article about problem solving classes for details about opportunities for Year 12 and 13 to work with others on skills related to university admission tests.

By Val Pritchard

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