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Chris Luke, AC for Derby, Northamptonshire and Rutland

At the beginning of February, teachers from schools and colleges across Northamptonshire and beyond attended Core Maths: A Fresh Approach to Teaching Mathematics, a one-day event at Abbeyfield School in Northampton. The event brought together those already teaching Core Maths and teachers from schools that are about to introduce the subject. The event was led by one of the AMSP’s national coordinators for Core Maths, Tom Rainbow.

Tom led four very useful sessions on the background philosophy of Core Maths, developing ideas into resources, assessment and how to link Core Maths to other subjects.

Here’s just some of the positive feedback and comments given by those who attended:

  • “I found valuable the discussion of methods of assessment and development of resources.”
  • “Sharing resources and practical ideas for use in the classroom was useful.”
  • “Discussion on how to find resources to make the course exciting was useful.”
  • “As a teacher new to Core Maths, understanding the content of the courses and what the thinking is behind the qualifications was useful.”
  • “Discussing the running of the course with teachers who already teach it is invaluable.”
  • “Thinking about ideas for open-ended lessons was useful.”
  • “Having time to discuss assessment, resources and how best to teach was great.”
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