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Val Pritchard, AC for Hertfordshire 

Teachers around the country are becoming increasingly aware of the opportunities provided by Core Maths. While some were part of early adopter pilots and have seen the profile of the course increase over recent years, other teachers have started with the qualifications this year and are still sounding out the best way to teach Core Maths. More schools and colleges have plans to introduce the course shortly and are eager to understand how to be effective in their work.

A group of ten teachers recently came together for a training day at Bayfordbury. Despite being at different stages of teaching Core Maths, they all gained a deeper insight into the rationale, worth and attraction of the course and how it allows a fresh approach to maths teaching.

Jo Deko and Ian Clarke presented material that encouraged us to engage with maths in the news, tackle a real-life (or “close death”) issue in a sealed room, and see how a key topic like risk can be made relevant and engaging. They also explored some of the impressive ways in which resources can be developed.

Quotes from the day:

  • “Thank you for the resources. I have instant ideas to take to the classroom for next lesson.”
  • “Loved the use of news and real-life data to promote questioning and risk.”
  • “It was very useful to have ideas and resources to develop problem solving.”

There are more upcoming Core Maths events in East England region:

Please check our events listing page to book your place in any upcoming events.

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