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Unlock the power of Desmos in your classroom this autumn with the return of our popular online course, Teaching with Desmos. This course is ideal for GCSE and A level Mathematics teachers who’d like to make greater use of technology in their lessons, and no prior knowledge or experience of Desmos is required – absolute beginners are welcome!

Desmos is a free suite of online maths tools, including activities and graphing software. Using Desmos effectively with your students can help to deepen their understanding of maths at both GCSE and A level, and our Teaching with Desmos course will support you in using the graphing calculator and the extensive set of pre-made activities, and demonstrate how to create or personalise your own activities.

The course will be delivered over six bite-sized weekly sessions that start in October and run across the autumn term. Topics that will be covered include:

  • Introduction to Desmos – using the graphing calculator
  • Use of activity builder
  • Desmos Activities: getting started with computation layer
  • Using Desmos for statistics

All sessions will take place online on Wednesdays from 4.30pm-6pm.

Any teacher working in a school or college in the UK can apply for Teaching with Desmos. However, due to the way the AMSP is funded, priority will be given to teachers working in state-funded schools and colleges in England. Applications from those teaching GCSE or A level Mathematics in other institutions will be confirmed if there is capacity. This course is only open to teachers working in schools or colleges in the UK.

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