Literature for teachers

The AMSP has published a range of literature to support you to raise participation in post-GCSE maths in your school and to understand the range of professional development opportunities we offer.

Downloadable versions of these items are available below. If you would like to receive printed versions of these items, please send a request to [email protected].

The AMSP have also published a range of literature for students.

Professional Development opportunities

The AMSP offers a range of professional development opportunities for teachers and these three leaflets help to identify the courses which might be the most relevant for your needs and career stage.

Mathematics CPD leaflet
Further Mathematics CPD leaflet
Further Mathematics
Core Maths CPD leaflet
Core Maths

Support your students with higher-level problem solving and university admissions tests

Several prestigious universities ask students to take an admissions test as a requirement of their offer, and increasingly universities are making reduced offers based on a strong performance in these examinations. It's therefore important that students have the opportunity to prepare for the admission tests required or encouraged by universities they have applied to.

This leaflet explains the AMSP support available to these students, as well as the professional development we offer to develop teacher's understanding of how to provide support.

University Admissions Tests for Maths leaflet

Discover AS/A level Further Mathematics and Core Maths

These fact sheets provide you with the key information about the AS/A level Further Mathematics and Core Maths qualifications. Discover what they are, who they're for, why your students should be given the opportunity to study them and what support you can find to establish and deliver them within your offering.

Further Mathematics factsheet
Further Mathematics
Core Maths factsheet
Core Maths

Advanced Maths Options

By offering a wide range of qualifications, you’ll enable your students to choose a maths pathway that’s right for them. The AMSP believes that there’s an advanced maths option suitable for every student who achieves at least a standard pass (grade 4) at GCSE Mathematics.

This leaflet explains the advanced maths options available and explores the reasons why you should consider including them within your offering.

Advanced Maths Options leaflet