Support and advice for teaching online

MEI has been delivering professional development and tuition online for well over a decade, through the Further Maths Network, the FMSP and now the AMSP. During this time, we have gathered a wealth of experience and we want to share this with teachers who have been forced to transfer part or all of their teaching into the online environment.

TeachAtHome, TeachOnline videos

We hope this series of videos distils our experience into a format that teachers will find useful. We cover the absolute minimum requirements to run an online session, right through to the high-level decisions required to plan for substantial online learning in the long term.

The advice in the series is mostly independent of both platform and subject; we have used several different online classrooms and believe that the advice we offer here will be valuable whichever system you opt to use.

The advice, although based on our experience as mathematicians, would also be useful for teachers of almost any other subject, and we hope that you will share this with colleagues inside and outside your own department.

What next?

If you have other queries about teaching from home, or teaching online generally, we’d be really pleased to hear from you. Contact @Advanced_MathsOpens a new window on Twitter, using the hashtags #TeachAtHomeOpens a new window or #TeachOnlineOpens a new window or email [email protected].

If a new topic is suggested that we haven’t covered already but think we can help with, we’ll certainly put together additional content.