Maths Club Activities

These resources are designed to support the many Maths Clubs that schools run across the country. Each activity is fully resourced and accessible to all 11-16 students at different levels. They should take around 30 minutes to work through, with extension activities to develop the ideas further according to the students’ engagement and interest. Of course, they could be used as enrichment activities in lessons or as activities for enrichment days. These activities will be added to over time, so do keep an eye out for new titles.

Number tricks

These resources were designed as part of the AMSP's support for Maths Week EnglandOpens a new window.

Dastardly Digits

Can you do ‘magic’ or ‘mind-reading’? In this activity we explore the maths of some ‘magic’ that students can reproduce to amaze their friends and families.

Sum Tricks

Have you ever wanted to add numbers really fast? This activity shows how to add large numbers quickly… if you know the secret!

Trick Product - All the Ones

Have you ever wondered why squaring numbers made of ones creates the patterns it does? This activity supports students in understanding how the place value of the number leads to the patterns we see.

Card tricks

You will need a pack of playing cards for these activities.

10 card trick

Can you ‘control minds’ and make people do what you want – or does the maths help you?

21 card trick

This activity explores the maths behind the ‘magic’ of this classic card trick that has amazed audiences for years.

27 card trick

This card trick is an extension of the 21 card trick that will help you to surprise your friends and family! We suggest you master the 21 card trick before you try this extreme version…