GCSE to AS/A level Mathematics transition resources: Notes for teachers

The most popular choice at A level is Mathematics; however, the transition from GCSE to A level remains a challenge for some students.

The GCSE to AS/A level Mathematics transition resources are designed for students to work through and complete independently. This can be paired with support and additional guidance from a teacher where this is available. Their focus is on the consolidation of key Higher tier GCSE content that underpins progression to AS and A level Mathematics courses. It is vitally important that students are fluent and confident in applying these essential skills, so they are successful in making the transition to the academic standard required at A level.

Review, recall, and consolidation are important factors in the transition process, and overarching skills that are transferable across key topics are vital to developing a depth of understanding. Consequently, these resources focus on the following six essential skills from the Higher tier GCSE curriculum and how they are applied across a number of key topics at AS and A level.

There are six sets of resources available:

  • Simplifying 
  • Expanding 
  • Factorising
  • Rearranging
  • Solving
  • Sketching

Each section contains:

  • transition materials - skill review a review of skills and a check on understanding
  • transition materials - practice skills a chance to practice skills and explore the topic
  • transition materials - extension an opportunity to deepen understanding and focus on the purpose of these skills through extension and enrichment resources

We hope that students will find the materials enriching and enjoyable; there will be problems to solve and links to intriguing aspects of maths that will expand student’s knowledge and give them more insight into the application of maths and provoke a genuine interest and love for the subject.

As always we welcome any feedback. If you would like to contact us then please email us.

A note about using these resources during school and college closures

This year presents significant challenges for those progressing to AS and A level Mathematics, with students missing out on the intensive revision and exam preparation part of the GCSE course that helps to consolidate students’ skills and understanding. The AMSP is fully committed to supporting teachers and students through this difficult time and these resources form part of our package of support specifically developed to assist teaching and learning during school closures.

Up to date information regarding our package of support for teachers and students during school closures can be found here.

We are aware of the vast amount of material currently available and recognise that teachers and schools are likely to already be directing students towards certain online materials. These resources focus on overarching skills and how they can be applied across a range of topics. We hope it will complement the vast array of wonderful material already accessible online and be easy to add to your current recommended study materials.

Transition to A level course

The AMSP is also very excited to be in the process of producing a Transition to A level course. Students completing the consolidation material in this programme will be well-placed to study the course, though doing so is not essential.