Supporting students studying AS/A level Further Mathematics

Students who have had their maths learning at GCSE and A level disrupted due to the pandemic may not be as confident in their skills and understanding of topics which underpin the learning of new content.

The AMSP provides support for teachers and students of AS/A level Further Mathematics in a range of ways:

  • supporting students, through freely available resources and via the tuition programme
  • supporting teachers with an extensive professional development offer and teaching resources
  • providing advice and local support through the national network of Area Coordinators

Supporting students

The AMSP provides several levels of support for students studying Further Mathematics.

The FM Videos are an extensive series of videos, each 5-10 minutes long, designed to introduce concepts in Further Mathematics. The material has been broken up into bite-sized pieces, enabling students to work through appropriate examples at a suitable pace. These are particularly useful for students who are learning more independently and could be used as part of a blended teaching approach, so that lessons can focus more on problem-solving tackling misconceptions. The videos are also a good resource for revision.

The videos are tailored for each of the four main AS/A level specifications (AQA, Edexcel, MEI and OCR) and are arranged into topic-centric playlists on YouTube. As well as the core further pure, they cover a range of the most popular options for each specification.

This short video explains how to access the videos and how to use them to support learning:

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If your school or college is registered with the AMSP, teachers can gain free access to certain sections of MEI’s Integral®Opens a new window online resources via a generic account. This includes all of the Further Mathematics content, tailored to the specification your school or college follows.

Integral's resources include:

  • Interactive resources
  • Notes
  • Exercises
  • Teaching activities

More information, including samples, are available on the Integral website:

This short video explains how to access the resources on Integral with a school account and how to use them to support teaching and learning:

You can apply for individual Integral® accounts for your students that will give them access to the FM videos plus all of the Integral resources for AS/A level Further Mathematics. In addition, you will get access to the management system so you can monitor your students' progress.

This short video explains how to use the set up and use the Video + accounts to support student learning:

Each state school or college in England can apply for up to 5 free accounts for the 21-22 academic year. Additional accounts are charged at £30 per student per academic year. To apply, please complete this formOpens a new window.

For schools and colleges that are unable to offer AS/A level Further Mathematics, but who have students who need to study it, the AMSP provides online tuition. We offer full AS or A level tuition, but can also work with schools and colleges to share the tuition and help establish future provision.

Our tuition support is provided through our Live Online Tuition (LOT) programme. Your local Area Coordinator can advise you about this; please contact them if you would like to set up tuition.

Supporting teachers

All of our professional development opportunities have been adapted for online participation. There is also a substantial bank of material for self-guided professional development.

Sustained courses

 6 months

Our most extensive PD offer now includes the choice to attend study days online or face-to-face.

Courses for Autumn 2021 will be open to applications from May.

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Live Online Professional Development (LOPD)

 4-9 weeks

Our shorter online courses, including several for AS/A level Further Mathematics, are running in the summer and autumn terms.

The summer term courses are recruiting now.

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Teacher Networks

 2 hours

Our local teacher networks are currently all meeting online.

Contact your local team to find out the most up to date information.

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On Demand Professional Development (ODPD)

These on-demand resources comprise short videos with associated materials focussing on a selection of topics.

They are available throughout the year.

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Further Mathematics Conferences resources

These conferences dedicated to the teaching of AS and A level Further Mathematics have included a wide range of sessions on topics across the curriculum.

Materials and recordings are available here:

2020 resources 2021 resources

Professional development videos

These videos provide ideas for how overarching themes and technology can be incorporated into lessons for GCSE Mathematics, AS/A level Mathematics and AS/A level Further Mathematics

These are suitable for individual or departmental use.

New: department planOpens a new window for Further Mathematics (Pure)

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The pace of development of online classroom tools has increased during this last year.

GeoGebra Classroom

For Further Pure Maths topics such as matrices, complex numbers, 3D geometry and polar coordinates we recommend exploring the use of GeoGebra Classroom.

You can access a recordingOpens a new window of the Using GeoGebra Classroom in Further Maths (Pure Maths) session from our Further Mathematics Conference 2021.

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Desmos classroom

Desmos features many tools for visualising data that can be useful in the teaching of the Statistics components of AS/A Further Mathematics.

Our Desmos in the Maths Classroom on-demand course includes a section on the use of Desmos for statistics.

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Support for schools and colleges

In addition to the extensive provision outlined for both students and teachers, the AMSP can provide guidance and support at a local level for schools and colleges to encourage student progression to Further Mathematics. Please contact your local Area Coordinator for more information.

We can also provide advice on strategies for offering AS/A level Further Mathematics for schools and colleges where staffing, and/or timetabling restrictions, are a barrier to its inclusion on the curriculum.