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Do you have students planning to study maths or a related subject at university?

They may be required to sit the Mathematics Admissions Test (MAT) or the Test of Mathematics for University Admission (TMUA).

We have online courses running this Autumn to help your students prepare for these admissions tests. Our online courses will reflect the recent changes to the MAT and TMUA assessments, ensuring students are up to date with the latest requirements.

About our courses

Each course consists of seven one-hour live online sessions. These sessions will introduce students to maths problems at the difficulty level of the MAT and TMUA. This is a valuable opportunity for your students to develop their problem-solving skills and boost their confidence for the assessments. Students are welcome to enrol onto both the Online MAT and the Online TMUA courses but there is no requirement to attend both courses.

The University of Oxford uses the MAT, while the University of Cambridge uses the TMUA. Imperial College also requires students to take an admissions test, but at the time of writing, they have not yet confirmed which test this will be. Other universities, such as the University of Warwick, may give reduced offers to students who have sat the TMUA.

What’s on offer

The fee for the course is £60, though some funded places are available to those eligible.

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