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We are excited to announce that the upcoming Core Maths Winter Conference in Birmingham is open for bookings. Come join us at this one-day professional development conference on January 26. The event is for teachers of all levels of experience with Core Maths and those offering or planning to introduce Core Maths to their curriculum. This conference promises an invaluable opportunity to enhance your teaching skills, meet with other teachers of the course, and share experiences, ideas, challenges and successes.

Why Attend?

1. A chance to reflect and develop: Focusing on the pedagogical implications of teaching Core Maths. Discover innovative teaching methods that will captivate your students.

2. The Power of Data: This year, our spotlight is on data. Delve into the intricacies of data analysis and explore how to successfully integrate it into your Core Maths curriculum.

3. Resources: In your quest for fresh teaching materials and stimulating ideas, the conference will offer a wealth of resources. We will be sharing a number of teaching materials and activities to use in your classroom.

4. Network and Collaborate: Teaching can often be solitary, but this conference offers invaluable connections. Engage with fellow educators from diverse schools and colleges, exchange experiences, and draw inspiration from their successes.

Mark Your Calendar: January 26

Prepare to embark on a transformative journey to revitalise your Core Maths classes. The Core Maths Winter Conference in Birmingham is your gateway to making learning engaging, effective, and memorable.

Take the next step in refining your teaching skills and igniting a passion for mathematics in your students. Don’t miss this opportunity and register today. We look forward to welcoming you in Birmingham.

If the conference’s content doesn’t precisely align with your requirements. We offer a range of alternative professional development options for Core Maths and the opportunity for personalised support from our Core Maths Specialist Leads, ensuring your specific needs are met.

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