Puzzle time: coded tables

Thursday 7th May 2020

Below are three different times tables. The calculations in each one are not in the standard order. Each letter from \(A\) to \(J\) represents a different digit from \(0\) to \(9\). Every \(A\) stands for the same digit.

Which tables are they?

Which digit does each letter represent?

As you work, identify the clues that helped you decide. Are they the same clues, in the same order, as other students in your school?

\(B \times C=GD\)

\(B \times F=IJ\)

\(B \times B=JD\)

\(B \times H=B\)

\(B \times E=FG\)

\(B \times I=DA\)

\(B \times D=CG\)

\(B \times G=HJ\)

\(B \times J=DB\)

\(A \times G=DJ\)

\(A \times B=G\)

\(A \times H=DH\)

\(A \times A=F\)

\(A \times D=A\)

\(A \times H=DH\)

\(A \times E=BD\)

\(A \times C=DB\)

\(A \times J=BC\)

\(C \times J=BE\)

\(C \times G=FG\)

\(C \times F=BF\)

\(C \times A=JD\)

\(C \times H=AG\)

\(C \times I=GF\)

\(C \times B=C\)

\(C \times C=JC\)

\(C \times E=GE\)

Email your best solutions by Sunday 31 May 2020 to Christine Watson.

By West Midlands regional team

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