Our next round of sustained courses are open for applications

Friday 14th May 2021

We’ve opened applications for the next round of our highly popular sustained professional development courses. The courses cover a range of subject content and teaching practice for A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics over a period of six to eight months.

The way that each course will be delivered varies. Depending on the course chosen, features could include:

  • face-to-face study days
  • live and recorded online sessions
  • textbooks to support your studies
  • access to online teaching and learning resources
  • email support from tutors
  • access to an online group forum
  • and school visits for formative lesson observation.

Full details can be found on the individual course pages.

The sustained courses that have opened for applications are:

Pedagogy for A level Mathematics (PALM)

Aims to improve your understanding of the underlying principles of effective A level Mathematics teaching.

More information ‌‌

Teaching A level Mathematics (TAM)

Aims to develop your confidence with the concepts in AS/A level Mathematics.

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Teaching Discrete Mathematics 1 (TD1)

Aims to build your confidence in teaching discrete maths content.

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Teaching Further Mathematics 1 (TFM1)

Aims to support your teaching and understanding of A level Further Mathematics.

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Teaching Mechanics 1 (TM1)

Aims to provide you with a deeper understanding of the principles of mechanics.

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Teaching Statistics 1 (TS1)

Aims to develop your understanding of statistics as a problem-solving discipline.

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These courses are free of charge to teachers working in state-funded schools and colleges in England, and there are generous subsidies available for teachers who work in state-funded schools and colleges in Priority Areas.

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