We’ve launched two new Online Enrichment Events!

Monday 20th September 2021

If you’re looking for ways to engage your Year 10 students and make sure they’re informed about what options they have for studying maths after GCSE, our two new Online Enrichment Events, Space! and Maths is everywhere, would be ideal. In both sessions, we’ll aim to engage your Year 10 students while developing an area of GCSE Mathematics beyond the curriculum.


  • We’ll look at some of the challenges faced in space travel and the ingenious solutions. The session will draw on your students’ knowledge of geometry, graphs and equations of motion.
  • The maths used in the session will be based on that expected at Higher Tier GCSE.
  • Sessions are taking place on Thursday 7 October 2021 from 14:00-14:45 and Thursday 11 November 2021 from 11:30-12:15.
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Maths is everywhere

  • We’ll explore how Core Maths sits alongside other A levels or BTEC qualifications. Your students can get involved by choosing which subjects we’ll discuss in detail, which we hope will make the session even more relevant for them.
  • Students will be asked to do some maths relevant to GCSE during the session.
  • Sessions are taking place on Monday 18 October 2021 from 11:00-11:45 and Friday 26 November 2021 from 13:30-14:15.
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We envisage that a teacher will stream the live Zoom webinar into their classroom and manage any interaction with the presenters. At no point will students be asked to share personal information.

Our Online Enrichment Events are free to attend for state-funded schools and colleges in England.

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