Tricky Topic Ticklist 2: professional development for NQT/RQTs teaching GCSE Mathematics

Thursday 25th March 2021

When teaching the area of a circle, we often go straight to \(A=\)\(\pi\)\(r^2\) but have you considered teaching it beginning with \(r^2\)? Consider a square with side \(r\). Students can discover how many of these squares would fit into a circle of radius \(r\). They will see that it’s a little more than \(3\). This leads to a deeper understanding of the area of a circle, and the value of \(\pi\).

nw-5-Mar21 2

We're running an event, Tricky Topic Ticklist 2, that will give more tips on delivering GCSE Mathematics content. This session is taking place on the day of publication of the North West March 2021 regional newsletter, but there are still places available and you can sign up on the day on the AMSP website.

By Jen Thwaites and Adrian Hall

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