Support for Teachers of A level Maths

Thursday 14th November 2019

Here is a summary of the support offered throughout the North West for A level maths teachers in the coming year:

Free twilight KS5 teacher meetings 

After the success of our free KS5 Teacher Network meetings last year, we’re planning to repeat and extend these in a number of areas throughout the year on themes such as: 

  • Summer 2019 exam papers
  • Creative use of Classwiz calculators
  • Modelling opportunities in lessons. 

The themes for the remaining meetings will be discussed at the first meeting in the Autumn Term. 

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CPD courses

Technology in A level Maths

This is a one-day course exploring the requirement for integrating technology into the teaching and learning of the A level courses. The course will include a session on using technology to explore the large data set in Statistics.

More information and register

Developing Students' Problem-Solving Skills in Higher GCSE and KS5 Mathematics

This is a full day course looking at a number of problem-solving resources, how to adapt exercise and exam questions and ways of embedding problem solving to enhance your everyday teaching. It will also have reference to the University entrance exams that are required by some maths courses.

More information and register

North West Teachers of Further Mathematics Conferences

Our 2-day Further Maths conferences held in Manchester have proven to be extremely popular. This year, we’ll be concentrating on both the AS level and the full A level in Further Mathematics. There will be a choice of session to attend including the Further Mathematics core topics, GeoGebra for Further Mathematics, Further Mechanics topics, Further Statistics topics and more. More details will be on the website soon.

For more details or information on how to book please search the events listings or email your local Area Coordinator and we can answer your questions and point you in the right direction.

By Abi Bown

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