Free Core Maths support over the summer term

Wednesday 27th April 2022

We've got lots of free Core Maths support for teachers coming up over the summer term.

June will see the return of our Core Maths Summer Festival! This year's Festival consists of nine online interactive workshops on topics including the use of maths in the news, in understanding climate change, and in the world of work. You'll leave each session with resources and activities that you can use straightaway in your classroom.

Our Core Maths Summer Festival covers a wide range of mathematical topics and contexts, meaning it's suitable for all maths teachers as well as teachers of other subjects, in particular Biology, Geography, and Psychology. There'll be an opportunity to discuss and reflect in breakout rooms with other attending teachers.

All teachers are eligible to apply for a place at the Festival. If the Festival becomes over-subscribed, teachers from state-funded schools and colleges will be given priority; this may mean that we may be unable to provide places to non-state-sector applicants.

You can view information on all nine Festival sessions by reading the programme or using the links below:

How do we engage unmotivated and resit GCSE students?

Mathematical focus: Algebra

More information ‌‌

Collecting and analysing data in maths and psychology

Mathematical focus: Summary statistics and introducing significance

More information ‌‌

Maths in the News

Mathematical focus: Critical Analysis

More information ‌‌

Experience confidence intervals with Stats Medic

Mathematical focus: Critical Analysis

More information ‌‌

Correlation in Maths and Geography

Mathematical focus: Correlation

More information ‌‌

Spreadsheets and the world of work

Mathematical focus: Spreadsheets

More information ‌‌

Standard deviation in maths and biology

Mathematical focus: Standard deviation

More information ‌‌

What's Going On in This Graph? with The New York Times

Mathematical focus: Interpreting Graphs

More information ‌‌

Climate change and maths

Mathematical focus: Analysing Data

More information ‌‌

Also taking place in June is our one-day face-to-face Core Maths Summer Conference, where we'll focus on approaches for planning, teaching, and learning Core Maths. This conference is designed for any teacher who’s offering, or thinking about offering, Core Maths. Sessions presenters include Rob Eastaway, author of Maths on the Back of an Envelope, and Mark Dawes, creator of the Questions Inspired by a News StoryOpens a new window materials!

There’ll be lots of opportunities to network and share ideas, experiences, and resources with fellow Core Maths teachers during the day, and delegates are also very welcome to join presenters the evening before the conference for social drinks and networking in central Birmingham. Further details will be provided when you sign up to the event.

Priority on this conference will be given to teachers from state-funded schools and colleges. If your school or college is located within a Priority Area, you're also eligible to receive a subsidy of £250 to support with travel costs or an overnight stay for this conference.

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