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How does maths relate to my young person’s future career in design and the creative industries?

Higher-level maths can significantly contribute to a career in design and creative fields.

  • Higher-level mathematics helps in understanding geometric and spatial relationships, which is crucial for creating balanced and well-proportioned designs.
  • Maths aids in recognising and creating patterns, a key element in many design disciplines.
  • Higher-level maths enhances analytical thinking and problem-solving skills, enabling designers to tackle complex design challenges.
  • Many design tools and software have mathematical algorithms running in the background. A solid understanding of mathematics helps in utilising these tools more effectively.
  • In data-driven design processes, understanding and interpreting quantitative data is crucial to make informed design decisions.

Navigating the educational pathway post-16 is a crucial venture in crafting a rewarding future for your young creator. Understanding and applying mathematics can greatly enhance a designer’s capabilities, opening up new avenues for innovation, efficiency, and expertise in their work.

The AMSP aims to increase participation in the advanced maths qualifications – Core Maths, AS/A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics – and support improvement in the teaching of these qualifications.

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