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Do you enjoy listening to podcasts? Have you thought about listening to Maths podcasts? Here is a selection of my favourite podcasts that I have recently discovered!

  • The NCETM Maths Podcast – A regular podcast from NCETM, exploring areas of interest and debate in the teaching of Maths
  • Mr Barton Maths – Full of interviews with guests about their approaches to teaching, research and more!
  • Taking Maths Further – 20 episodes in which different people talk about how they use maths in their work. Really interesting and I have found it useful when talking to students about their career options and ‘when they will use this maths’!
  • Maths Appeal – Bobby Seagull and Susan Okereke are on a mission to make Maths accessible to all. Lots of interesting discussions about key maths topics, maths puzzles and interviews with ‘Maths champions’ from the worlds of tech, education and entertainment.

By Avril McLeer 

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