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The A level Mathematics qualification is highly valued by employers and universities. A vast range of degree courses and careers require solid mathematical skills, so taking maths to AS level or beyond will give you a wide range of degree courses to choose from.

What is A level Mathematics?

A level Mathematics is often thought of as full of difficult calculations. Calculations, however, are only a very small part of the content. The qualification is really all about logical thinking, reasoning and the development of specific ideas into generalised solutions.

AS and A level Mathematics are two separate qualifications. An AS qualification is about 40% of an A level qualification and can be worth up to 20 UCAS points. AS Mathematics is graded A-E, and A level Mathematics is graded A*-E.

What to expect in an A level Mathematics lesson

You’ll meet new ideas, such as differentiation and integration – together known as calculus and statistical hypothesis testing.

A level maths also builds on topics you’ll be familiar with from GCSE, such as algebra, co-ordinate geometry, trigonometry, and probability.

All A level Mathematics qualifications include the same content, covering three broad areas:

A level mathematics

Pure Maths: the methods and techniques which underpin the study of all areas of maths. This includes proof, algebra, trigonometry, calculus, and vectors.

Mechanics: the maths used to study the physical world, modelling the motion of objects and the forces acting on them.

Statistics: involves statistical sampling, data presentation and probability, leading to the study of statistical distributions with special properties, such as the Binomial Distribution.

A level Mathematics careers quotes

Whether you already know exactly what you want to do or are still deciding, continuing to study maths can help you.

Further Resources

Here you will find more resources to help you work towards taking AS/A level Mathematics. This included our Transition to A level: Essential Skills resources and revision techniques.

More maths

Here you will find links to free collections of interesting mathematical articles, challenges, and puzzles to explore.

What comes next?

Go to our ‘What comes next’ page if you want more information on what comes after A level Mathematics, including career advice, applying for university, and preparing for internships.

Click here to find out about A level Further Mathematics and click here to find out about Core Maths.

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