Teaching Further Mathematics (TFM1 July 2018) Application Form

Please use this form to apply for a place on the TFM course. This application form is for delegates who wish to enrol on TFM1 (July 2018 - January 2019).

Please use this form to apply for a place on TFM1 and also to indicate if you wish to progress on to TFM2 (February - August 2019) after completing TFM1.

Before completing this form, please ensure that you have read the information and full course details which can be found at: furthermaths.org.uk/tfm In addition, please ensure that you have read the terms and conditions for MEI's CPD events: mei.org.uk/terms-cpd It is important that you complete this application form fully; any missing information will cause a delay in your application being processed.

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The option that you select from the list below at not binding at this stage. If your application to enrol on the TFM1 (MEI-certificated course) is successful then you can choose to enrol on TFM2 at later date. Your selection enables us to have an early indication of any further study that you may wish to undertake in addition to the TFM1 (MEI-certificated) unit Mark only one

TFM1 only
TFM1 and TFM2

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Teachers working in state-funded schools or colleges in England are eligible to receive a full reimbursement of their course unit fee (£300) on successful completion of the course unit. Mark only one

State-funded (England only)
My school / college is not state-funded (England only)
My school is not in England
I do not currently work at a school

By ticking this box you are accepting the terms and conditions of MEI's CPD events *

Terms and conditions are available at: mei.org.uk/terms-cpd. By ticking this box you are also confirming that you have read the details of the course and have the required prior subject knowledge to access the mathematical content of this course (e.g. pure mathematics content of A level Mathematics) Tick all that apply

I have read the details of the course and accept the terms and conditions

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e.g. BSc Chemistry 2002 and PGCE (Secondary Mathematics) 2003

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Have you enrolled on a CPD course with FMSP / MEI previously? *

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TGM (Teaching GCSE Mathematics)
TAM (Teaching A level Mathematics)
LOPD (Live Online Professional Development)
TM (Teaching Mechanics - 6 months course)
TS (Teaching Statistics - 6 months course)
TD (Teaching Discrete - 6 months course)

Where did you first hear about TFM? *

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FMSP email
FMSP/MEI website
PD flyer
Word of mouth
Maths Hub
From a previous course

Which exam specification(s) does your school/college use for AS/A level Mathematics/Further Mathematics with Year 12? *

It is useful to know which exam specification you use at your school (please note that TFM covers all four exam specifications in England although it does not focus on any one exam specification) Tick all that apply

Not applicable

Does your school currently offer a Further Mathematics qualification for Year 12 or Year 13 students from September 2017?

Not applicable

Please detail below any additional information that is relevant to your application. Please include any queries that you may have and we will contact you shortly


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