Why would you NOT study Maths?!



A day of experiences and activities aimed at convincing young women to study maths post-16.

Including a power-hour with the inspirational Dr Aoife Hunt

A chance to hear about the rocky journeys that often accompany the study of maths, from women who have been there.

And a mathematical journey to remind students what they love about the subject



  • To give students credible examples of why Maths is useful in the world of work and life
  • To offer students role models for pursuing the study of maths
  • To remind students of what they enjoy about the subject

Who will benefit from attending?

This event is aimed at female students who are capable of studying maths post-16 (either A Level Maths or a Core Maths qualification), but who are unsure whether they want to do so.

Although boys are not 'banned', the role models will all be women, and the event has been designed to be most effective for young women.



Other Information

It is hoped that schools will bring 12 or 16 student, accompanied by a Maths teacher.

The Maths journey will involve students being in teams of 4, so please bring a multiple of four students.

If you wish to bring more than 16 students, please apply twice.

Key Facts

Event ref:




Target year:

Year 10

Curriculum focus:

11-16 maths

Event format:



London and South East


London Academy of Excellence Tottenham,
780 High Road,
N17 0BX

Start date:

Fri 15th Jul 2022

Course times:

10:00 - 15:00




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If you have any queries about this event, please do not hesitate to contact:

Angus Grogono
[email protected]

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