International Day of Maths



How will you be celebrating International Day of Maths? Held on March 14, it is also known as 'Pi Day'!

This year's theme is 'unity', so join us for a short presentation when we look at how closely connected we all are.

The presentation will be pre-recorded and available here on March 14. In the presentation we will set an investigation for your students to try. If you sign up to this event before March 14, we will send you a pack of materials to support your students.

We are running a competition, with prizes for winning entries. To take part your students will need to produce a poster showing their investigation. We will be looking at the mathematical content as well as the artistic flair shown! Without giving too much away, your students may want to use a computer to help with the investigation and we will accept entries in the form of Desmos or GeoGebra files if your students prefer to work in this way (some students may even want to use some python or similar!). However, hand written maths is always most welcome. All entries should be emailed to: [email protected]

Who will benefit from attending?

All 11-16 students will be able to access this event. It does not rely on their understanding mathematics beyond KS2, however the application of the maths will be new to most, if not all. 

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11-16 maths

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30 minutes






Mon 14th Mar 2022


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If you have any queries about this event, please do not hesitate to contact:

[email protected]

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