Maths Hub Work Group: Developing A level Pedagogy

Organised by Boolean Maths Hub


Register your interest for 2022/2023 by contacting your local Maths Hub, participating hubs are listed below.

Level 3 Maths Work Groups are extended professional development programmes, run in partnership by Maths Hubs and the AMSP. Each Work Group is an ongoing collaboration between teachers from local schools and colleges led by an expert in maths professional development.

Developing A level Pedagogy Work Groups provide national support for the effective development of pedagogy in the teaching of A level Mathematics to support Covid recovery, to enhance the quality of teaching and the conceptual understanding of students, and the development of participants as leaders of A level teaching professional development in their own school or college.

Primary focus: A level pedagogy

The Maths Hubs below are offering this Work Group in 2022/2023:

Maths Hub Region
Enigma  East of England
Matrix Herts
 East of England
 East of England
 East of England
East Midlands West
 East Midlands
East Midlands East
 East Midlands
East Midlands South
 East Midlands
London North East
London Central and NW
London Central and West  London
London South West
London South East Plus
Great North  North East
Archimedes NE  North East
North West One  North West
Turing NW  North West
North West Three  North West
North North West  North West
Abacus NW  North West
Cheshire and Wirral  North West
Bucks, Berks and Oxon  South East
North East Hants and Surrey  South East
Solent  South East
Sussex  South East
Kent and Medway  South East
CODE  South West
Jurassic  South West
Boolean  South West
GLOW  South West
Mobius  South West
Central  West Midlands
SHaW  West Midlands
North Mids  West Midlands
Origin  West Midlands
Yorkshire Ridings  Yorkshire and Humber
West Yorkshire  Yorkshire and Humber
Yorkshire and Humber  Yorkshire and Humber


  • understand the purpose of the over-arching themes and their impact on teaching and learning in A Level Mathematics, including use of technology
  • be confident to teach aspects of the content (particularly mechanics and statistics)
  • apply related pedagogical approaches in their A level teaching to support Covid recovery
  • support colleagues in their own school/college in embedding themes from the Work Group in their delivery of A level teaching to support Covid recovery
  • become a part of a developing community of practice

Who will benefit from attending?

It is suitable for existing leaders of A level teaching or experienced teachers of A level Mathematics who wish to lead the development of pedagogy in A level teaching with other colleagues in their own or other schools.

Teachers will find this Work Group particularly useful if they have previously completed AS/A level Mathematics professional development, and want to influence their department's approach to teaching A level in the future.


Session 1: Tuesday 25th January 2022

Session 2: Tuesday 1st March 2022

Session 3: Tuesday 5th April 2022

Other Information

Schools/colleges must be able to commit to the full academic year’s programme. This involves a total of three days of face-to-face (or equivalent) support across the academic year, as well as classroom and school-based activity. Participants must also be supported by their school/college leadership to explore outcomes from the project with other colleagues in their department.


State-funded schools, colleges and academies can participate in Work Groups for free.

Work Groups are hosted by

Key Facts

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Curriculum focus:

A level Mathematics

Mathematical focus:

Mechanics, Statistics, Pure

Event format:

Network meeting


South West


CLF Institute,
Russel Town Avenue,

Start date:

Tue 25th Jan 2022

Course times:

09:00 - 15:00




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If you have any queries about this event, please do not hesitate to contact:

Boolean Maths Hub
[email protected]

The AMSP, through MEI, holds the NCETM CPD Standard

National Centre for Excellence in the teaching of Mathematics

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