Supporting Transition to University and Problem Solving in Admissions Tests



With over 23 years in mathematics; working as a university lecturer, as an A level educator and as a resource-developer, Dr. Richard Lissaman (University of Warwick) will deliver a session where he offers his insights on supporting students with transition to university, through the lens of his experience.


Richard has been compiling ideas and illuminating examples that he has picked up as a lecturer of undergraduate maths, to be used in A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics teaching. He will present them in this session whilst considering the journey students make as they transition from A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics to undergraduate maths.


This session will also provide an opportunity for teachers to look at questions from the MAT, STEP and TMUA papers and discuss with colleagues. Admissions tests are being used by an increasing number of universities to identify students suitable for their STEM degree programmes. Some of these examinations form part of the university offer and in some cases, they can be used to lower A level offers. 


  • To consider the journey students make as they transition from A level to undergraduate maths.
  • To receive insights and ideas for use when supporting students.
  • To have a look at questions from the STEP, MAT and TMUA papers.


This event is free of charge thanks to the AMSP (Advanced Mathematics Support Programme).

Key Facts

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Curriculum focus:

A level Mathematics, A level Further Mathematics, University admissions tests

Mathematical focus:

Pure, Problem solving, Reasoning

Event format:

Face-to-face Professional Development

Event length:

2 hours


West Midlands


University of Warwick,
Mathematics Department,
Zeeman Building,
West Midlands,


Wed 19th Jan 2022

Course times:

16:00 - 18:00




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Fiona Kitchen
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