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An AMSP Teacher Network is a group of teachers located in a particular area who are invited to a series of meetings across the year. Teachers sign up to be part of the Network at the start of the year. (To sign up to this Network, please email Martin Bamber [email protected] ]

Our KS5 Networks cover topics and issues arising from the study of A-Level Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Core Mathematics.

One-hour KS5 Network meetings are held roughly once every half-term and invitations are sent to all teachers who have registered to be part of the Network. Requests for topics for discussion are distributed at the same time; popular topics are always included in the schedule. Meetings are primarily discussion-based, with teachers sharing ideas and resources to support their colleagues in other schools. The aim is for teachers to feel that they are not alone in the challenges they face; that there is always someone else who is facing the same issues and can help.

'Big ideas in KS5 Maths' arising from these discussions may result in 'spin-off' sessions being held, where a short PD session is held on a particular topic (eg: 'problem-solving', 'kinematics', etc). A wider group of teachers than just the imediate KS5 Network maybe invited to these spin-off sessions.

In 2021-22, after successful trials last year, meetings will be held online using Zoom, with occasional face-to-face meetings where conditions allow.


The focus for this meeting will be determined by responses from teachers who are part of the Network, and will be communicated to all Network members at least one week prior to the meeting being held.

If you are not part of this Network but would like to be, please contact Martin Bamber [email protected] 

Materials and Equipment

The meeting will be held using Zoom. The link for the meeting will be sent out in advance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We encourage teachers to join a local Network containing neighbouring schools, but if this is not possible teachers can join a different Network. As well as maths teachers, it may occasionally be appropriate for a non-specialist or teacher of a different subject to join a Network. For example, teachers of Geography, Biology, Psychology & Business Studies may attend meetings if Core Maths, or Maths in Context is likely to be a focus.

In our region we are fortunate that we are able to recruit local teachers to chair the meetings. These teachers are supported by colleagues from the AMSP.

Meetings are typically timed to start soon after the end of the school day, and will not last longer than one hour.

No! Simply attend the meetings you are most interested in, as time allows. The topic and date / time / location (if not online) of the next meeting will always be announced at least two weeks prior to the meeting taking place.

Key Facts

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Curriculum focus:

A level Mathematics, A level Further Mathematics, Core Maths

Mathematical focus:

Problem solving, Curriculum planning

Event format:

Network meeting

Event length:

1 hour


North West


Tue 9th Nov 2021

Course times:

16:00 - 17:00


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If you have any queries about this event, please do not hesitate to contact:

Martin Bamber
[email protected]

The AMSP, through MEI, holds the NCETM CPD Standard

National Centre for Excellence in the teaching of Mathematics

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