Online Enrichment Event: Fermi Estimates


This is an online enrichment event for Year 9 or Year 10 students, with students using Desmos Classroom and working collaboratively in small groups throughout the main part of the session.

This event is designed to engage your students while developing an area of GCSE mathematics beyond the curriculum, and with a focus on developing problem-solving skills through estimation.

Who will benefit from attending?

The event is aimed at students who would benefit from studying level 3 mathematics after GCSE, whether Core Maths or A level, though you may want to consider other students within your school or college.

Materials and Equipment

The AMSP online platform will be used to introduce and model the mathematics. Students will then access the tasks via Desmos Classroom, so will need sufficient devices to do this in small groups. There will be a short plenary discussion to end the session.

Students will also need calculators, and paper for working out their estimates.

Other Information

Students will need access to technology: questions will be set through Desmos Classroom and group answers submitted via the same platform. They may also wish to research to check their estimates.

Students who are unable to attend school can be sent the link for the event by their teacher so that they can join remotely, and these students could work together via breakout rooms.


This event can be delivered at other times; please get in touch if you are interested in this event at a different date or time.

Key Facts

Event ref:




Target year:

Year 9 & 10

Curriculum focus:

11-16 maths

Mathematical focus:

Problem solving

Event format:


Event length:

1 hour


West Midlands


Fri 2nd Jul 2021

Course times:

09:00 - 10:00




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If you have any queries about this event, please do not hesitate to contact:

Christine Watson
[email protected]

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