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The Teacher Network based in the North East is an AMSP-funded project. It is a new network set up in response to local demand, allowing teachers from around the  region to meet, collaborate and share best practice online. The agenda will be set depending on the needs locally. We will meet termly and the programme will have a mixture of practical activities and speakers with informal sessions


  • 16:00-16:10 Introduction and welcome - Valerija Peles (AMSP)
  • 16:10-16:30 Helping you meet Gatsby benchmark 4 in your classroom -Rachel Beddoes (MEI & AMSP)
  • 16:30- 17:10 Helping you meet Gatsby benchmark 5 in your classroom -Louise Maule with an employer ambassador (Maths4Girls)
  • 17:10-17:20 What else is there to help? -Rachel Beddoes
  • 17:20-17:30 AMSP careers offer and close - Glyn Evans & V. Peles (AMSP)


Mathematical and statistical skills will play an even greater role in the future labour market, so it is important we get this message to our students at an early stage  of their education, ideally no later than KS3. There is a gender gap in the UK, with a smaller proportion of girls doing STEM subjects. Some countries with a similar cultural background to the UK, like the USA, have managed to close the gap by designing some progressive policies around maths and STEM education and gender. 

In this event we will discuss how you (and your school) can meet Gatsby benchmarks 4 and 5 (Linking curriculum learning to careers and Encounters with employers). We will also look at different careers that require maths skills, even the ones we  think are only vaguely connected or have no links to the maths we learn/teach at school. 

Our special guest is Rachel Beddoes, Girls' Participation Coordinator and Careers Lead for Mathematics in Education and Industry (MEI) and AMSP.  Rachel will showcase practical examples of the use of maths in different careers and guide you through strategies and resources which will help you to promote post 16 Maths pathways and meet certain Gatsby benchmarks. 

We'll also be joined by Louise Maule, Maths4Girl Project Lead. Maths4Girls allows educators to invite female (and male) role models who work within finance, investment and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) into the classroom.  Hear how Maths4Girls can inspire and encourage students to take maths beyond GCSE, whilst combating gender stereotypes and increasing awareness of the fantastic range of careers that maths can lead to.

This event is suitable for all teachers of mathematics as well as careers leads and STEM coordinators.

 Event aims:

  • link Maths lessons and curriculum to Gatsby benchmarks
  • showcase how to promote Maths and demonstrate how easy is to get employers to your classroom
  • meet a role model from industry who will share her story and how she engages and inspires students in the classroom

Materials and Equipment

Access to broadband as this event will be held on Zoom, headset and a microphone as there will be opportunities for discussion.

In advance of the session please take a look at and register as an educator, so we can have a live run through of the platform during the session.  You can register by clicking the orange 'Register' button near the top of the page, and choosing the 'Inspire my students' option.

Key Facts

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Curriculum focus:

11-16 maths, A level Mathematics, Core Maths

Mathematical focus:

Leadership, Curriculum planning, Reasoning

Event format:

Network meeting

Start date:

Mon 24th May 2021

Course times:

16:00 - 17:30


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If you have any queries about this event, please do not hesitate to contact:

Valerija Peles
[email protected]
07494 4025 20

The AMSP, through MEI, holds the NCETM CPD Standard

National Centre for Excellence in the teaching of Mathematics

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