North West Festival of Women in Mathematics - "Mathematics, Resonance and Metamaterials"



The North West Festival of Women in Mathematics is open to all KS4 and KS5 students of Mathematics (some sessions are only open to KS5 due to their content) but we would particularly like to encourage female students who might be considering studying Mathematics or a STEM subject at A Level or University. There are a number of online workshops over three weeks given by research mathematicians at various career stages.

Most sessions are delivered by zoom webinars where the safeguarding procedures mean interaction will be via polls and Q&A to the hosts. We are also planning to record these for schools who cannot attend at the time of the event and you can register to receive these recordings. 

In all of the sessions the host will introduce herself and give a brief biography of her career and research and there will be time for questions and answers at the end of the session. 

Here is a table of all of the sessions. You will need to register to attend any sessions individually

Name Title of Session age group Time Event Number
Professor Rebecca Shipley

"Mathematics in Healthcare"

all ages Wednesday 23rd June  1.30 - 2.30pm  8419
Eleanor Doman "Similarities and Scalings in Nature: An Introduction to Mathematical Biology" all ages Tuesday 29th June 5.30 pm and Wednesday 30th June 2pm



Professor Louise Walker "Origami and the mathematics of paper folding" all ages Monday  5th July 10am and Tuesday 6th July 5.30pm



Dr Demi Allen

"A formula inspired by mice brains and playing darts on fractals"

all ages Thursday 1st July - 11am  8429
Dr Yang Han

Statistics and Data Analysis

all ages Tuesday 29th June 10.30am  8421
Dr Anastasia Kisil

"Mathematics, Resonance and Metamaterials"

16+ Thursday 1st July 7pm  8408
Dr Vandita Patel

"Fermat's Last Theorem and Beyond"

all ages Thursday 24th June  10am  8420
Dr Vandita Patel

"Decoding Mathematics"

16+ Monday 28th June 7pm  8410
Eleanor Johnstone

"How to get to the edge of the atmosphere, the bottom of the ocean and everything else in between: using fluid dynamics to understand our world"

16+ Wednesday 7th July 1pm  8443
Guest Speaker plus a panel of female mathematicians  Final session plus Q&A  all Wednesday 7th July 7pm  8432


  • Showcase successful women in mathematics and statistics at various stages of their careers
  • Give participants an insight into the careers of female mathematicians, statisticians and operational researchers
  • Enrich participants' knowledge of several interesting topics from mathematics and statistics

Who will benefit from attending?

This session is only open to KS5 maths students (and teachers) due to the level of mathematics involved. We would particularly like to encourage female students who might be considering studying Mathematics or a STEM subject at University.


"In this talk I would like to introduce some of fascinating mathematical ideas starting from ancient Greeks going all the way to cutting edge research. One particular focus on the talk will be resonance which we have all experienced in everyday life (for example swinging on a swing). I will show you some examples when resonance is beneficial and some where it could lead to catastrophic occurrences. I will explain why mathematical explanations are interesting, important and are still an active area of research."

Participant feedback

Students told us they really appreciated "being able to ask lots of individual questions"
When asked what the most useful aspect of the day was, one student said: "hearing about women who have achieved something in worse conditions than we have nowadays has inspired me to handle being in a male dominated job"
Another student commented on "meeting all these amazing mathematicians" and the "empowering atmosphere!"

Key Facts

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Target year:

Year 12 & 13

Curriculum focus:

A level Mathematics, A level Further Mathematics

Mathematical focus:

Problem solving

Event format:


Event length:

1 hour


North West




Thu 1st Jul 2021

Course times:

19:00 - 19:45




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If you have any queries about this event, please do not hesitate to contact:

Abigail Bown
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