Online Enrichment Event: Race to the target!



These enrichment events are designed to engage your Year 10 students while developing an area of GCSE mathematics beyond the curriculum. They will also inform stduents about their options for studying mathematics after GCSE. Any mathematics used in the session will be based on that expected at higher tier GCSE.

The events will be repeated at different times through the term to allow you to choose the event which best fits your timetable. It is envisaged that the event will be streamed into a classroom where the session is facilitated by the teacher.

There will be opportunities for interaction during the session.

Who will benefit from attending?

The event is aimed at those Year 10 students who would benefit from studying level 3 mathematics after GCSE, though you may want to consider other students within your school or college.


There are two events planned for the autumn term 2020; in addition to this event, we are running an event called 'How much is too much?'.

'Race to the Target!' will be looking at spotting and developing number patterns as well as developing your students' skills in reasoning, problem solving and communication - all vital for their success at GCSE. 

The event will contain a section where your class will work on a task set during the session. Resources for this will be emailed to the person making the application before the event to allow them to facilitate this task. There will be opportunities for your students to engage with the session presenters, this will also be possible for those students who are attending remotely.

Other Information

Your school will be sent a link to the event for which you register. This link may be shared with other teachers within your school and with any students who are unable to attend school.

While it is hoped that your students can be supported by mathematics teachers, we have developed resources to support non-specialists if they are facilitating the event. Additionally, we are aware that you may have students who are not in school and the event has been designed to support these students; they will be able to participate fully in the interactive aspects.  

The event will be streamed live as a Zoom webinar.

There will be the opportunity for your students to interact with the session - your students will need access to a computer or smart phone to do this (this could be the teacher's computer in a classroom or a set of tablets with internet access). At no point in the session will a student be asked to provide personal information.


All state schools are encouraged to attend.

Students who are unable to attend school can be sent the link for the event by their teacher so that they can join remotely.

Participant feedback

Left students with something to explore...

Key Facts

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Target year:

Year 10

Curriculum focus:

11-16 maths

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Event length:

1 hour






Mon 9th Nov 2020

Course times:

11:30 - 12:30


This event is free.


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If you have any queries about this event, please do not hesitate to contact:

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