Complex Numbers Study Afternoon

Oxford or Online


Work with other Further Mathematicians from Oxfordshire schools.

Get to grips with a significant part of the syllabus – if the whole class attends, this can save valuable lesson time.

The material to be covered is common to all examination boards and assumes no prior knowledge.

Who will benefit from attending?

This course is designed for students at the very beginning of their Further Mathematics course. While many students will have met some of these ideas informally, we specifically request that you do not cover the material in class before the event. It is not suitable for revision.

This is an excellent opportunity for teachers to develop their own knowledge.


Students will find out what complex numbers are, learn how to manipulate them, solve quadratic equations and represent them geometrically. They will also look at applications of complex numbers.

Other Information

Because this course takes place so early in the year, classes need to register before the end of the summer.

Please indicate anticipated numbers. (Your best guess is more helpful than a maximum number and does not restrict you to that number.) Deadline for registering a class: Friday 17th July

Deadline for confirming attendance, and final numbers: Friday 18th September. 

Students and teachers should bring their own light refreshments.


Please note that this event is targeted at schools with smaller cohorts, and therefore there is a maximum of 15 students per school.

Participant feedback

Very valuable and worthwhile.
It was incredibly enjoyable.
Fun topic explained really well.Good pace,explained perfectly.Very useful for following along and notes after.
Content was engaging and challenging.Delivery was interesting and contained lots of extra information.Handouts contained lots of extra information

Key Facts

Event ref:




Target year:

Year 12

Curriculum focus:

A level Further Mathematics

Mathematical focus:


Event format:

Student course

Event length:

3.5 hours




The Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford,
Andrew Wiles Building, Radcliffe Observatory Quarter,
Woodstock Road,


Fri 25th Sep 2020

Course times:

13:30 - 17:00


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If you have any queries about this event, please do not hesitate to contact:

Lesley Swarbrick
[email protected]
07590 075010

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