Core Maths Teaching Workshop



An engaging event focused on supporting teachers with the delivery of the increasingly popular Core Maths qualifications as well as contextualised problem solving in other maths courses or courses with mathematical content. This day has been designed to complement our other Core Maths professional development opportunities; all sessions are unique to the day.


  • To provide teachers with an opportunuity to explore resources and teaching approaches useful for contextualised problem solving.
  • To network with new and experienced teachers of Core Maths and, possibly, other subjects.
  • To consider how best to structure and deliver the course in your school for your students.

Who will benefit from attending?

This course is suitable for anyone who is already teaching Core Maths this academic year, for teachers who are interested in finding out more prior to teaching Core Maths or teachers of other Level 3 courses which have mathematical requirements.


State-funded schools, colleges and academies can apply to this course for free.

Schools and colleges located within Priority Areas are eligible to receive a subsidy of £250 to support staff cover and travel costs. For more information, visit our subsidies page.

Study Schedule


09:30 - 10:00  Arrival and Registration

10:00 - 10:30 Welcome and warm up problems

10:30 - 11.20 Ongoing Assessment of Core Maths

11.20 - 11:40 Break

11:40 - 13.00 Interpreting Graphs

13.00 - 13:45 Lunch

13:45 - 15.00 Resourcing and Lesson Design

15.00 - 15:15 Evaluation and close

Ongoing Assessment of Core Maths

How do the mark schemes of Core Maths assessments reflect the aims and ethos of the Core Maths course? Should the way we assess Core Maths feel different to other maths courses? This session explores what teachers of Core Maths should look to value in the work of their students.

Interpreting Graphs

You only have to open a newspaper.....or social media application.... to be bombarded with graphical information. Are our students being equipped to deal with this information overload? This session will focus on how information presented in graphical forms provides teachers with an opportunity to inspire curiosity in their learners, deepen understanding and hook them into contexts within and beyond the curriculum.

Resourcing and Lesson Design

How do teachers go about finding or creating resources for Core Maths lessons? With an emphasis on authentic contextualisation and problem solving opportunities exist when teaching Core Maths to use fresh, current ideas but does this mean that your weekends and evenings will be lost in a stuggle to resouce your Core Maths lessons? This session aims to offer solutions, explore possibilites and illustrate that with an open mind and a flexible approach creating exciting, fulfilling Core Maths lessons can be achieved with minimal effort.



Key Facts

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Curriculum focus:

Core Maths

Event format:

Face-to-face Professional Development




Portsmouth College,
Tangier Road,

Start date:

Wed 12th Feb 2020

Course times:

09:30 - 14:45



Priority Area subsidy:



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If you have any queries about this event, please do not hesitate to contact:

Alison Terry
[email protected]

The AMSP, through MEI, holds the NCETM CPD Standard

National Centre for Excellence in the teaching of Mathematics

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